The internet was my mentor. I should have looked for a person. Does not matter. I finally do professionally what I have always wanted to be: a product designer.

It all starts with a 2003 newspaper article. “Thinkquest, young website builders win national HTML competition.” I was 12 when I participated in that. And continued that path changing CSS on Myspace profiles for local heavy metal bands. Even made a few album covers.

Ended up studying ‘International Communication’ in Groningen. During that time I explored the idea of building my own design company. Taught myself sales, marketing, and leadership. Additional to the actual design skills.

The study course required me to go abroad. I decided on Stuttgart’s Hochschule Der Medien their course: “digital application design”. And during that same Erasmus I did an internship for Bitfactory GmbH. After, we signed a ‘you-work-remote-while-back-in-the-Netherlands’ contract.

Skip ahead a few years. Bitfactory GmbH invites me to drop my entrepreneurial tendencies and come work for them full-time. The same week I moved to Stuttgart. But those tendencies do not go away. That is why this blog exists. To write down the things I learn, to share what I got to know, and to rant about technology.

Your ideas are too valuable. I want to help you share them more effectively.

Geffrey van der Bos